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The History of Crystal Secondary School

The school was established in 1972. The school was named after the daughter of the first principal of the school, the late Mr C.R. Fortuin.

Our school is positioned in a sub-economic area and we are constantly faced with serious socio-economic challenges. Our parent community is cash-strapped and can barely afford to pay the minimal school fees we are forced to charge.

We have adopted a holistic approach to the education of our learners and our goal is always to provide quality education that would affirm them and prepare them to take up their rightful positions in the broader society.

The history of this institution is inextricable linked with this country. During the 70’s the learners of this school were in the forefront of the struggle.

Crystal Secondary School is situated in Hanover Park on the Cape Flats. Despite the poor socio-economic conditions and the concomitant problems of gang warfare, unemployment and substance abuse, the educators strive to provide a safe teaching and learning environment. The principal and staff are committed to guiding the learners to develop to their maximum potential.

Despite its achievements, this school has for some time lagged behind when it comes to using information technology as an educational tool. Such a tool could dramatically improve the quality of education we can offer to our learners and community. We would indeed be grateful for any support we could receive to make this possible.

By using information technology, the learners will be able to build positive attitudes toward technology that will pay dividends for the rest of their lives.

It is of enormous importance that we do not falter to provide and education appropriate to the long term needs of our context and in order to equip our learners fully to meet the many challenges of the 21st century.

Our school motto is FACTA NON VERBA, Deed not Words.

Our present phase of development requires the growth and consolidation of a class of intellectuals whose fundamental task must be in the economic, social and cultural areas. For if we are to build entrepreneurs in South Africa, then at the same time we must build the intelligentsia.

There is a common view that a long term strategy to eradicate poverty should start with massive investment in the education of our children.

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